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Martha's Vineyard Cleaning Co. is a small team of hard working and experienced professional cleaners on the island of Martha's Vineyard. We specialize in: 


  • House Cleaning & Home Organization

  • Residential & Commercial Deep Cleaning

  • Short-Term Rental Turnovers & Laundry Service

  • Business Office Cleaning

  • Restaurant Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Between all of us, we have over 15 years experience with professional cleaning, and we are being referred to new customers all of the time due to the quality of our work. Our goal is to be the solution for all those business owners and homeowners who have been paying top dollar for a sub-par cleaning service, and just expect something better. We aren't the cheapest cleaning company on the island, but we do a better job than most, and you will never see our work and question the value. And, we're fully insured through Martha's Vineyard Insurance Company.


MV Cleaning Company are amazing at what they do. They clean our entire venue 6 days a week all year-round, and every day, the place looks and smells amazing. They always show up, and always do a great job. I never need to worry about it.

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Mike Sawyer, The Barn Bowl & Bistro, Oak Bluffs



We are always happy to have a chance to earn your business! Get in touch with us and we can schedule a time to see your home or business and come up with a game plan to clean and organize your home or business!

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