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Vaccuming houses and businesses on Martha's Vineyard


We are a small team of hard working and experienced cleaners on Martha's Vineyard who specialize in both residential and commercial cleaning. We also offer deep cleaning of restaurants and commercial kitchen equipment.

Between all of us, we have over 7 years experience with professional cleaning, and we are being referred to new customers all of the time due to the quality of our work. Our goal is to be the solution for all those business owners and homeowners who have been paying top dollar for a sub-par cleaning service, and just expect something better. We aren't the cheapest cleaning company on the island, but we do a better job than most, and you will never see our work and question the value. And, we're fully insured. 

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We have many accounts that we handle all their short-term rental property turn-overs. Customers provide us a schedule of their guest check-in and check-out dates, and we ensure each property is cleaned, disinfected and setup like new for the new guest arrival. We make the beds, straighten the furniture, air the place out, clean the patio, wash the windows - everything. Each rental property looks as good as new, every time.

Cleaning on Martha's Vineyard
We clean hardwood floors
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